The Lazy Haberdasher

This game is an entry to the October 2011 edition of the Experimental Gameplay Project.

The Lazy Haberdasher is a relaxed dissection puzzle game, where you have to cut up a planar shape and rearrange the pieces to fill a given outline. The relaxation is that pieces might overlap, so the area of the solution might be less than that of the starting shape. However, the number of cuts is limited, so use them wisely! Note that you can get more out of a cut by overlapping the pieces first. The name of the game is a reference to the haberdasher’s problem.

My original intention was to provide more puzzles, but I ended up with insufficient time for the project. All in all, it took around a day of effort spread over a week.

You can drag the pieces with the left mouse button, and rotate them by left clicking while pressing shift. Dragging over the background initiates a cutting action; this can be cancelled by overlapping the two control points.

Source repository